THIRD SHIFT 2017 ARTIST LINEUP ANNOUNCEMENT! This year’s fantastic lineup of local, national and international artists will present projects that investigate the relative conditions of time, transience, and occupancy within the context of this region’s past, present and future/alternative histories.

We are so proud to be presenting the work of: Nathalie Quagiotto, Cyril Sacobie, Meagan MusseauMarie-Hélène Morell, Brandon Vickerd, Beck & Col Stafford, Sandi Hartling, Acre Architects & Janice Wright Cheney, Open Arts, Jud Crandall, Maryse Arsenault, Raven Blue & Jeff McLennan, Phillip Clark and Melissa Wakefield & Alana O’Halloran.

Visit our Lineup page to snag the first look at this year’s artists & their project teasers (we can’t give it all away)