Saint John derived interdisciplinary artists, Raven Blue and Jeff McLennan return to THIRDSHIFT this year with innovative multi-instrumentalist, Rozalind MacPhail and writer/photographer Cara Cole, to present their latest film piece, Homeless.

“Homeless explores the experience of attachment, loss, and longing for the places that hold special value to us, following the narrative of an individual who, for reasons we don’t know, has lost their home, and is haunted by unfamiliar visions. We follow them through surroundings that are uniquely Saint John, from timeworn natural wonders to impoverished neighborhoods of vacant victorian houses, and barren landscapes fortified with commercial and industrial growth. Homeless adapts the universal indigenous tradition of the vision quest, embodying our present-day culture as a transient youth, seeking meaning and purpose in their lives.”

The combined use of immersive projections with a soundtrack performed live by the artists is intended to involve the audience directly in an intimate experience centered around the places that represent transformational periods of our lives.

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