Los Angeles-­based artists Beck and Col use humor and chaos to examine the crisis of human exceptionalism. They have exhibited in Europe, Canada and the US, and have performed at Human Resources LA, REDCAT and the Hammer Museum.

Through costume-­based performance and video, their work explores alternate universes populated with monsters who obsess over humanity and emulate its dominant attributes. Within these universes, Beck and Col analyze humanity’s construction of sexualized, racialized and naturalized others.

For THIRD SHIFT, they present us with Monster Mass; “ a structured improvisational performance, accompanied by a musical component. Two sequinned, pyramidal, black monsters dance around and pay tribute to a central white monolith. A mythos of power created through tradition surrounds the white tower. The rituals that the pyramids engage in keep the powerful in power and keep the Others in fear. It is when the monsters break the routine that the icon is exposed as a fraud and its power as an illusion. Monster Mass examines the institutional imposition of otherness and the origin of less­-than­-ness through a revelation of false hierarchies.”