Investigating the practical, spiritual, and aesthetic nature of art, Moncton and Montreal based artist Maryse Arseneault experiments with ways of inserting performance, audio-video installation and print media into public spaces. There is often an interactive component to her interventions, highlighting the role of the spectator in the work of art. Strongly inspired by dreams and intuitive experiences, her creation process includes daily exercises such as drawing, cooking, poetry and song. Informed by
contemporary metaphysics and feminist theory, my research addresses concepts of power, agency and objectification.

At THIRD SHIFT, Maryse will engage with her audience in an interactive and time based performance, Comment couper l’oignon sans pleurer / French Onion.

“Comment couper l’oignon sans pleurer / French Onion is a durational performance where I cut pounds and
pounds of onions over a whole day. How do we cut an onion without crying? How do we learn to take care of others
and our own anxieties? How do we maintain an ecological awareness in a capitalist society, dominated by the idea of
materialistic value? These are a few questions I ask myself and the crowd, during a five hour piece, sweating over onions I later donate to a local soup kitchen. Based on Mi’kmaq formats of oral traditions, such as wigwams and talking circles, I hope to share meditative and philosophic observations with the visitor. The major
themes that anchor these discussions will compare notions of human agency, systemic power structures, capitalism,
artistic production, agriculture and empirical prescriptiveness.”