Atlantic Canada is a place of rich cultural history and beautiful landscapes. These things play a significant part in shaping our identity as maritimers. When we think of who we are, it starts with the landscapes of our lives, the setting where we shape our memories. However, when I spend time in such places, I question how we treat them, and how we truly regard them. 

No matter our cultural imagery, or status we give to the environment, our garbage tells the truth. Spaces we hold dear, frequented by locals, that are held in high regard, are still littered with garbage. Spaces surrounded by wilderness, are also littered with garbage. We hide our garbage in plain sight, thinking its effects are hidden too. Things we wouldn’t do in our own yard, we do to our province. We mistreat our own soul. 

Canada’s Ocean Playground: Trash it! brings attention to environmental irony by visually incorporating trash into into idyllic scenes of landmarks near my home in Cape Breton. I will create needle-felted images out of corridale wool and trash found on location. This artwork and my process will be documented and exhibited through video. 


Josephine Clarke is a textile artist practicing in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia, Canada. She explores the use and tradition of botanical dyes, earth pigments, and rust. During her childhood, she was surrounded by people who made things in their daily lives. She accredits her creative style as an artist to growing up in a community that fished, hunted, gardened, sewed, and made music. After earning her Bachelor of Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, she began her current residency with the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design. She now operates her business at the Customs House Artisan Incubator. She has taught classes for the Cape Breton centre for Craft and Design, The New Dawn Centre for Innovation, and the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival. She has exhibited her work at culture events in Atlantic Canada, such as Celtic Colours International Music Festival, and Lumiere Art at Night Festival.



Josephine Clarke Textiles

Coming soon! Check back on August 21, 2020.