My grandfather Willie Francis Fraser was a popular Gaelic singer and storyteller from Cape Breton Island, as well as a noted traditional step-dancer who claimed to have learned his steps in a dream. Through personal archives, journaling, field recordings, and interviews with dream researchers, the Gael community, journalists, friends and family, this audio documentary wonders: do grandfather’s dream of dancing sheep? Broadcasting on Local 107.3 FM. Look online for a call-in number to report your own dream wisdom between the hours of 2AM and 5AM through the festival.


Todd Fraser knits, makes films, previously worked as a catholic altar server and in an artist-run centre, and his grandfather learned to dance in a dream. His work has screened across the country, from Victoria to Antigonish. He lives in Sackville, New Brunswick.


Todd Fraser on Vimeo


Coming soon! Check back on August 21, 2020.