FUD.org was born out of nostalgia for the brief period in recent history where the internet resembled a new frontier available for abstract exploration. The project – which will exist as a webpage riddled with embedded videos and animations – aims to simulate the nature of “surfing the web”; that is, the excitement of seemingly unbridled freedom coupled with the unease inherent to confronting the unknown.

FUD.org seeks to challenge the streamlined and insular nature of today’s internet landscape. With no road map or guide, FUD.org encourages viewers to engage in active discovery. There will be short films and animations with subtle links to one another, and others with no apparent connection. The eclectic assembly of content should provoke fear, unease, and doubt, while simultaneously arousing a sense of genuine intrigue.


Michael Mohan is a Saint John Filmmaker / Photographer with a BFA from NSCAD and a Certificate from NBCCD. He’s 29 years old and he has a beautiful dog named Bailey.

Ralphy Dogman is an artist that exists in your mind.

Michael Keir is an interdisciplinary Masters student at the University of New Brunswick, whose research revolves around media, capital, and identity. He has set himself the insurmountable task of one day creating a work of art that feels authentic. 

Coming soon! Check back on August 21, 2020.