Funeral is a sculpture consisting of reproductions of household and everyday things. The base of the sculpture is a monumental can of sardines, enlarged to six feet in length. A floral arrangement, assembled from pastry molds and other crafts, sits on top of the can of sardines. Together, they suggest a scene depicting a Christian burial. Taking a funerary box out of its traditional appearance and religious context, the sculpture draws attention to the ordinary aspects of daily life transformed by grief.


KC Wilcox is an artist producing sculptures that use casting and found objects. She is a descendant of European settlers and the French Acadians, and holds a B.Des from NSCAD. Her work has been presented across Canada, most recently in at THIRD SHIFT (2019), the Beaverbrook Art Gallery (2018), and The Unlovable Gallery (2017). She is a former Executive Director of Connexion, an artist-run centre for contemporary art in Fredericton, NB. She lives in Menagoesg/Saint John, NB, where she co-founded, curates, and makes things for Visitors, a shop and studio.

Coming soon! Check back on August 21, 2020.