Salt is an ancient mineral that over the course of millennia has been assigned many practical applications and symbolic meanings ranging from a mined resource, to a form of currency, and as an important element in ceremonies and superstitions across cultures.

Salt Spell will comprise a durational performance and drawing installation made of salt situated at the edge of the Saint John Harbour that will emulate a magic circlean elaborately patterned design used to delineate a protected area in the practice of ritual magic. 

Salt’s material connection to landscape, labour, and safekeeping are pertinent to contemporary Saint John. As a coastal city with vital marine environments; a city underpinned by industry and trade; and as a centre where the environment, heritage and—in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and innumerable acts of injustice—citizens, deserve safeguarding, salt is emblematic of collective care and collective faith.


Christiana Myers is a Saint John-based curator, writer, artist, and museum educator born of settler ancestry. She holds a BFA from Mount Allison University and an MLitt Curatorial Practice from the Glasgow School of Art. Her practice often explores human form and function, specifically physical and communication-based limitations.



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