Butterfly closures are white adhesive strips applied to the skin across minor lacerations. Growing up as an accident-prone child my parents became experts in the art of the well-placed butterfly closure. The act of gently applying one to a wound, and pressing it gently to ensure a good stick; always felt like an instant cure and an immediate comfort. 

Tending To is a video performance in which the walls that isolate me are examined for nail holes, paint chips and cracks. With each discovered wound, I open a butterfly closure, allow it’s wax backings to flutter to the ground, apply the butterfly closure to the area and press it gently to ensure a good stick. 

Acknowledging, healing, and manifesting are inherent to the narrative of this performance.These gestures embody spatial encounters and negotiations, in both the private and public spheres. 



Alexis Bulman is a multi-disciplinary artist who maintains a studio practice in Montreal, QC. During her projects Bulman assumes the role of a facilitator or builder of installations, sculptures and video works that translate the patterns of her physical movement and bodily occupation of space into visual form.



Coming soon! Check back on August 21, 2020.