Saint John based writer, photographer and emerging fibre artist Marie-Hélène Morell works in recycled textiles, tapestry weaving and more. She gravitates toward fibre arts and textiles because they are among the oldest and most prevalent tangible expressions of culture and manipulating and sharing them communicates about who we are.

Her THIRD SHIFT installation, “Tapestory”, will allow the public to participate in coming together to weave a piece of fabric, which will gradually bind in creating a larger tapestry. The hand-picked materials of colorful yarn and recycled fabric work well in reflection of mixing new and old as a nod to the gritty/classy facets of Saint John.

“The idea is that we are all part of a larger narrative, that living in a certain geographical area weaves our stories together whether our lives touch or not and the important part is showing up.” The piece will afterward be offered to the Regional Hospital as a gift. “Giving it to the hospital is significant because it is the place where many of our stories begin and end. Hospitals can be a bit sterile and the colour and warmth of a tapestry reminds one of the beauty of a life well lived.”

Marie-Hélène’s main inspiration, creative outlet and networking tool is through a website and print magazine called CreatedHere, which functions in connecting and showcasing the arts community in New Brunswick.