Installation title: What a Catch!

Community partner: ACAP: Atlantic Coastal Action Program

Organization bio: ACAP Saint John is an environmental non-profit organization that has been working for 30 years to restore and enhance the natural environment of the Saint John region. The team of interdisciplinary staff members work to complete a range of projects including water quality and harbour monitoring, climate change adaptation planning and implementation, habitat restoration, and community tree plantings and cleanups. Although many of these projects are science-based, ACAP strives to expand the awareness of environmental issues into the community by engaging in local festivals and events.


Installation title: Point of View

Community partner: I-CLICK Photography

Organization bio: This project is meant to provide a glimpse into the realities of the lives of youth, and help others understand the multiple identities that exist within Saint John. This project creates a space for youth to be in charge of their own stories, and represent themselves and their lives with the strengths and challenges that they feel are important for others to know.

Youth have the opportunity to work alongside professional photographers and TRC staff to be able to take photographs that represent who they are and how they see themselves within the city of Saint John. This is all about building a portrait of our communities from the point of view of our youth.

This year, our project focuses on exploring point of view and identity. The goal is for their photographs to be shared widely in order to promote youth voices and support their efforts to affect change in a meaningful way.


Installation title: Catch Wind of It

Community partner: Conservation Council of New Brunswick: From Harm to Harmony

Organization bio: From Harm to Harmony is a collaborative climate action art project funded by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB), and led by community-engaged British Columbia-based artists, Juliana Bedoya and Laura Barron, in collaboration with artist activists across New Brunswick. Since mid-2020, these artists have met regularly online, harnessing each of their mediums to individually and collectively address climate change. Through a variety of media and techniques—including songwriting, poetry, carving, embroidery, weaving, digital art, painting, rug hooking, video production, wool felting, and more— their work offers varying perspectives on the natural world and the challenges that our society faces today. Through these regular sessions, participants have co-created a virtual space where they feel comfortable sharing their concerns and their own eco-anxiety with a focus on taking action to help diminish their worries about the environment.


Installation title: Time Now for Ghosts

Community partner: Resonance New Music: Sally Dibblee, voice; Robin Streb, viola; Andrew Reed Miller, composer, electronics and bass

Organization bio: Sally Dibblee has performed with opera companies and orchestras all over North America for over two decades. She lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Robin Streb has a wealth of experience performing experimental music, mostly in Los Angeles (Okiro Series, Tonoi Ensemble), Vancouver (Sonic Boom Festival), and more recently in New Brunswick.

Andrew Reed Miller is an improviser and composer living in Saint John. He has played with Symphony New Brunswick for over 25 years. Stephen Pedersen of The Chronicle Herald described Miller as “…a superb player, a master and a creative inventor.” 


Installation title: Weeds: Fantastical Resilience

Community partner: L’Arche Creative Connections

Organization bio: Creative Connections is an artistic day program of L’Arche Saint John, a non-profit organization that seeks to make known the gifts of adults with intellectual disabilities through mutual relationships. Every weekday, Creative Connections comes together at 95 Prince William Street, Saint John to create beautiful works of art. Professional artists and educators join our volunteers and staff on an artistic journey with our members. The magic of Creative Connections is much more than just the art that’s produced as artists gain confidence, emotional health, and have the freedom to be themselves. Creative Connections  strives to create a world where everyone belongs.


Installation title: NOISEMAKERS

Community partner: Sculpture Saint John

Organization bio: Sculpture Saint John (SSJ) is dedicated to enriching the region with public artwork and creative learning opportunities for children and adults alike. SSJ has welcomed artists from over 15 countries to the city, and installed 30 public artworks along the International Sculpture Trail. In 2018, the SSJ outreach program Sculpture for Children: Thinking in Three Dimensions forged partnerships with over 40 schools and organizations by offering free workshops, events, professional learning opportunities, and lesson plans aimed at building both community networks and hands-on skills. We’re excited to be back in the city this summer and look forward to celebrating sculpture, social engagement, and creativity in our favourite port city!