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What will you see when you look through the Dream-O-Scope? 

As the möbius strip of our inner and outer landscapes drifts from our conscious waking day into sleep, what is real and what is unreal? 

Fun for all ages, the Dream-O-Scope welcomes you to explore the boundaries between our waking lives and the dreaming world. As you turn the handle and look through the viewfinder, will the borders around the conscious and the subconscious shift? Will the embodied and cerebral migrate?

Ask yourself; am I dreaming? …Would I like to be?



Alana Morouney (she/they) is a textile artist and sculptor in Mi’kma’ki/Sackville, New Brunswick. Using simple mechanics and materials that draw the hand, her interactive sculptures deliver unexpectedly pleasant outcomes. Clothing subtext with tenderness, daily tensions are remade as gestures of affection and suggestions of playfulness. Alana has given workshops and artist talks in participation with “A Handmade Assembly” and the Owens Art Gallery “Maker Maker” series, and was the New Brunswick recipient of the BMO 1st award in 2021. Her work can be found at

Photo credit: Stuart Trenholm