Photography // Ongoing // City Market Seating Area

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This group is made up of 10 youth using their voices to express their views of our community and the role they play within it. We are invited to learn what is important to understand about who they are and what they see as the strengths and challenges for youth in Saint John.

The Teen Resource Centre, the Saint John Arts Centre, and the University of New Brunswick are working together this year to run the i-Click Photography program.


This project is meant to provide a glimpse into the realities of the lives of youths, and help others understand the disparity between the multiple identities that exist within Saint John. This project creates a space for youth to be in charge of their own stories, and represent themselves and their lives with the strengths and challenges that they feel are important for others to know. 

Youth will have the opportunity to work alongside professional photographers and TRC staff to be able to take photographs that represent who they are and how they see themselves within the city of Saint John. This is all about building a portrait of our communities from the perspective of our youth.

This year, our project focuses on exploring the identity of our neighborhoods, and the role we play within them. The goal is for their photographs to be shared widely in order to promote youth voices and support their efforts to affect change in a meaningful way.