QUEEN² // the-city-surrounds-us

Installation Info

the-city-surrounds-us is a self-guided art tour of the periphery of the THIRD SHIFT festival grounds. The tour can be accessed virtually through the participant’s smartphone, and consists of small sketches and pieces of creative writing that are based on a journey that each of the artists has taken around the space. 

The participants can view the sketches and read the writing at the location that inspired it, and they can create their own works that are inspired by the location by following the writing or drawing prompts. Participants can add their works to the website by posting on social media with the hashtag #thecitysurroundsus, but they can also create just for themselves, or ignore the prompts entirely and engage as a viewer. There are also a few printed booklets for those who don’t have access to the internet on their mobile device or simply want a more analog experience.

“Our work is heavily inspired by the city in which we live and the people who surround us. As uptown residents, we walk or run the streets of the South End daily, and as we do, we notice our surroundings. These walks became even more important to our well-being during the pandemic, when walking was sometimes the only thing we were allowed to do, alone or with others. Each of our individual art practices is heavily introspective, and our past work has explored our own journeys and surroundings. We see this collaboration as an extension of our individual practices, and the participatory nature of this work is a building of connections between our practices and with our audience.”



Queen² is Julie Whitenect (she/her) and Jericho Knopp (she/her), two artists, neighbours, and friends. The collective blends Julie’s visual art with Jericho’s prose to create interactive art experiences.

Julie is a printmaker and mixed-media artist. Her work explores the relationship between natural and constructed environments. She explores industrial themes and resolves curiosity by examining what is left and what will be. She’s received grants from Canada Council for the Arts and artsnb, and her work has been exhibited nationwide.

Jericho is a journalist and writer whose creative work explores narratives surrounding beauty, memory, and mental illness. Her practice is primarily non-fiction based, but she also dabbles in poetry and prose. Her work has appeared in the CBC, CreatedHere, Visual Arts News, and the Huffington Post.

Queen² are both of settler ancestry and live and work in Menahqesk/Menagoesg/Saint John, New Brunswick, which sits on the unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik and Mi’kmaq Peoples.